3 Things You Should Do To Start The Year Off Right

romantic getaway

After a long, rough 2018, most of us are hoping to start off 2019 on the right foot. With the new year right around the corner, many of us might be wondering what steps we can take to start the new year off right.

Look no further than these three ideal options to get your mind and body ready for the new year.

Create an attainable New Year's Resolution list

Ah, the old New Year's resolution. Otherwise known as the list you have fun making in the fall, but usually forget about by the time February rolls around.

There are countless goals you hope to achieve and life changes you hope to make in order to improve your quality of life. Instead of making a list of unattainable goals, start small. Try creating a long list of long-term goals and a short list of short-term goals. Knocking out a few small goals every once in a while will help you work on those difficult long-term goals.

Get a massage

There are countless benefits to getting a massage. Starting your year with a relaxing massage can help your body and mind, putting you in the right mental and physical state to start the new year off right. Here are just some of the benefits of massage:

  • Easing anxiety and stress
  • Aiding digestive issues
  • Lessening the pain of fibromyalgia
  • Relieving the pain of strains and injuries
  • Reducing tension in the body

Go on a relaxing romantic getaway

A romantic getaway for two is the best way to reconnect and relax with your loving partner. But even if you're single, there are still countless benefits to taking a relaxing vacation in Amish country. After all, the high number of weddings has decreased from 2.21 million to 2.18 million in 2017. Loving and pampering yourself is all you need for a romantic getaway.

The serene Amish countryside offers the best in views, entertainment, food, culture, and shopping for a weekend getaway. In fact, studies have shown that engaging in leisurely activities that you enjoy can reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and even trim your waistline. A luxury vacation at a cozy bed and breakfast can help you feel revitalized for the new year.

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