6 Ways Couples Benefit From Romantic Getaways


People all over the United States say that vacations help them relax and unwind. When it comes to vacations taken with the family, people say the trips make them feel happier and more connected to the important people in their lives. There are a number of reasons couples benefit from taking romantic getaways. Couples have a lot of options from cabin rentals to going to romantic destinations. Here are some reasons couples should take the time for romantic vacations:

  1. Couples experience excitement and anticipation as they plan their trip. The process of putting together a romantic getaway can be a fun and exciting thing for people to do. From looking into the accommodations, such cabin rentals, to researching all the destination options, planning out all of the logistics of such a trip is a part of the overall experience and it can bring two people closer to each other. Rather than going with an all-inclusive vacation, by doing all of the planning themselves, couples can start the bonding even before the vacation has officially begun.
  2. Trips that couples take together make them healthier mentally. Romantic getaways are good at helping couples reduce their stress level. People need time away from the hustle and bustle of life to unwind. Research conducted in the United States has shown that people who take vacations or even a little time away from work are healthier. They experience less stress and are less likely to suffer from heart disease and strokes than people who never take the time for themselves. When people take vacations with their partner, both people benefit. They also are more productive at work when they return.
  3. Romantic getaways are good for the structure of the relationship. When couples get away from their daily lives and are on a break from the humdrum, they are able to spend better quality time with each other. Whether they stay in a cabin rental or a luxurious resort, the time away gives them a chance to communicate on a different level than when they are at home. Just being in a more relaxing and fun environment can open lines of communication that are often neglected. Vacations give most people a new or different perspective on their lives. This is true of vacationing couples.
  4. Romantic vacations help build better relationships between parents and children. When people are immersed in their day to day lives with work, kids, and the responsibilities of keeping a home, often all relationships suffer. Parents no longer communicate with each other on the level of spouse to spouse. It is all parent to parent. When adults take some time away from the kids to reconnect with each other, the result is a renewed connection on a partner to partner level. Once they return to their daily lives, couples are better able to rejoin the family and as a result, all relationships in the family are in better shape than before the romantic vacation.
  5. People who take the time for vacations are more productive workers. This was touched upon earlier but when people take time to do something other than work, they do a better job once they are back at work. This is true when people take a family vacation or a romantic getaway. Couples who take even a few days to get away and leave the stress of work behind are better able to do their jobs when they get back.
  6. Intimacy is restored. Being in a committed relationship takes work. Many people fall into routines with their daily lives. Getting out of that rut can do a lot to improve the intimacy between two people. Spending time away and in rental cabins or in another romantic spot can help people renew the intimacy they experience at home. Sometimes it just takes a few days alone and away from the hassles of daily life today to remind people what they love about their partner and what they need to do to keep their commitment strong.

When couples first get married, they often take some time away on a honeymoon that lasts somewhere between seven and nine days. Couples do not need to spend that much time in cabin rentals or in a hotel to rekindle their love and affection.