June Newsletter

Your Summer Getaway is just a click away! When was the last time you invested in your relationship with your sweetie? Our goal here at Donna’s is to provide a getaway for couples to reconnect and rediscover their passion for each other and we’ve put together a new package for the month of June that will have you bonding, laughing, and creating memories with that special someone in your life. Here are the details…

Date Night In Package

*A One (or more) Night Stay 
This package can be enjoyed in any of our accommodations. Choose your favorite!

*A Selection of DVDs & Board Games
It's time for a movie night! We'll have a selection of DVDs waiting in your room to enjoy during your stay! Movies not your thing? No problem - we've got you covered. We'll also put a selection of board games in your accommodation.

*Mexican Dip & Chips
One of my favorite things for a movie or game night is chips and dip! This dip is soooo good and an employee favorite at Donna's.

*Popcorn & Movie Snacks
What movie or game night would be complete without a bowl of popcorn and some of your favorite movie snacks?

*A Complimentary Bottle of White Wine
Can be substituted with sparkling cider if preferred.

**Please note: selection of games, popcorn, movie snacks, DVDs will vary from this picture based on availability.


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