Staying in a Bed and Breakfast VS Hotel: The Choice Is Obvious


Traveling to Amish country has been on your bucket list for a long time, but now that it's finally here, you're caught between lodgings: should you stay in a bed and breakfast or a hotel? For most, the choice is obvious. Here are the reasons a bed and breakfast is always better than a hotel. 

The food
It's no secret that bed and breakfasts serve the best food a lodging has to offer. Bed and breakfasts can offer room service, a daily buffet, or an option from a multi-course menu depending on where you stay. Regardless, each option comes with some of the best food the area has to offer. If you want authentic cuisine inspired by Amish culture, your local bed and breakfast, Donna's of Berlin, is one of the best places to stay in Amish country. 

The aesthetic
Bed and breakfasts offer a unique experience like no other; bed and breakfasts are usually privately run, locally owned, and are usually gorgeous. Some utilize themed rooms while others mimic the culture of the area. When nearly 2.18 million weddings occurred in 2017, you deserve to have a unique honeymoon experience. 

The hospitality
As mentioned earlier, bed and breakfasts are usually privately owned. They rely on the unique experience they offer their guests in order to guarantee future business. As such, the hospitality is unprecedented. The owners of a quality bed and breakfast will want you to have the best experience of your life at their luxury lodging. They will offer you recommendations for travel, the best shopping locations, and things to do in Amish country Ohio. 

The experience
If you want a cookie-cutter trip, a bed and breakfast isn't for you. Unlike a hotel chain, each bed and breakfast will offer a new experience for the well-worn traveler, usually typified by the surrounding environment. The unique rooms are emblematic of the culture of the area; when you want to stay in beautiful Amish cabins, the bed and breakfast experience will give you the best aspects of Amish culture on a silver platter. 

When you rent a cabin for your romantic getaway with Donna's of Berlin, you'll be getting the best in Berlin Ohio lodging. Whether you want the best in rest and relaxation or you're looking for romantic cabins, Donna's of Berlin will give you the best lodging experience in Amish country.