The Side Effects Of Stress (And How A Vacation Can Fix It!)

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While some stress is necessary to light a fire under your ambition, far too many people are chronically stressed. Between work, kids, and countless other obligations, you might be feeling worse than overwhelmed. 

Here are some ways too much stress can adversely affect your health, both physically and mentally.

Stomach aches

Too much stress can have disastrous effects on your digestive tract, whether you're eating healthy or not.

When you're stressed, you might be experiencing frequent bouts of stomach cramping or pain, even if you've never experienced these symptoms before. Stress can also cause diarrhea, constipation, and nausea in some people, while others might just get cramps. If you notice your stomach is acting up, it might be because you're stressed. 


You barked at your spouse and hurt their feelings; you can't control your road rage; the littlest thing seems to push you over the edge. If you're overreacting to your environment, you might be feeling irritable because of stress, even if you aren't upset. 

Irritability is frustrating since it might also affect those around you. If you notice yourself acting out in strange ways, take a few moments to calm down. Or better, yet go on vacation in a beautiful cabin rental

Lowered libido

Stress works in mysterious ways. With a huge deadline at the end of the week, you might forgo sex with your partner once or twice. But a frequently stressful job can make your libido virtually nonexistent. Not only does this stress you out further, but it can also put additional strain on the relationship if sex is something you both value. 

Prescription? Vacation

Ohio romantic cabins aren't just for the average newlywed couple; copy their example and take a vacation that lasts from seven to nine days. 

A cabin rental -- complete with bed and breakfast -- will give you and your partner the chance to relax, recharge, and reconnect. The beautiful lodging available through Donna's Premier Lodging offers the most beautiful cabin rentals at a price that works within your budget. Whether you want a soothing massage to ease your stress or you prefer to partake in Berlin Ohio shopping, there are countless things to do in Amish country Ohio. 

Stem your stress with a relaxing vacation in Amish country. Your body and mind will thank you.