What Does St Patricks Day Mean to You


What does St Patrick’s Day mean to you? Yes, it’s that time of the year again for wearing of the green and maybe celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Even if you aren’t Irish, everyone seems to think they are on this day. Everyone has a different way of celebrating this day. Some will party a little too much, while others get together with family and friends for food and good conversation. Food of choice would be corn beef and cabbage. Some love this dish while others will not.

I’d like to say I am Irish. My great grandparents came from Ireland many years ago and settled in Ohio. Being Irish, as I am, I feel proud on this day. Listening to my father speak of his grandfather and stories he told about coming to the United States to start new life. They endured many hardships coming to America, and of course some did not make it. 

As I celebrate St Patrick’s Day this year I will take a deep thought and remember my relatives who made the decision to start their lives over in a new country. How difficult it must have been. I will of course have the usual corn beef and cabbage and I might also have a green beer, (but probably not) and of course spend time with family and friends.

Whatever your reason is for celebrating or not celebrating St Patrick’s Day please try to remember to make that day a very special day for you. Remember it only comes around once a year, so get your green outfit together, put on comfortable clothes, gather with family and friends and have a great St Patrick’s Day.

Thank you for reading, Bonnie