Why Your Next Vacation Should Be In Amish Country


Are the fast pace and constant demands of modern life wearing down on you and your partner? Do you need a break but don't find yourself interested in conventional luxury vacations? Many people who want to get away from it all and spend time in private lodging in a scenic locale are now planning their romantic getaways in Amish Country. Enjoy the rejuvenation of time in the country, all while enjoying a multitude of exciting activities. Here are some compelling reasons why your next luxury vacation with your partner should be in Amish Country!

It is a perfect way to celebrate and strengthen your union

There is a reason that each year, approximately 1.4 million U.S. newlyweds choose to travel for their honeymoon. Shared experience unites people, strengthening their bond and enriching their lives. Even couples who have been together for many years will benefit from seeing each other in a new context, reinvigorating their marriage and reminding them why they are together. Amish Country is a land full of new adventures which spouses can happily experience in each other's company.

There are plenty of activities

What exactly are these experiences Amish Country has to offer? From touring historic villages and fascinating museums to viewing unique theatrical performances, there is no shortage of things to do that you would be hard-pressed to find on a typical luxury vacation. Lovers of food and drink will be pleased to find the huge array of incredible restaurants, grocery stores, wineries, and breweries to choose from. And those who like to shop can find all manner of specialty goods in a wide variety of stores and markets. However, many of the most breathtaking experiences in Amish Country come from the unplanned moments. Stop to soak it all in, and you and your partner will find yourselves amazed at how many stars you can see in the dark, quiet skies above your private cabin.

Do not delay -- book your next luxury vacation in Amish County and find yourself in an amazing new world. If you check the map, you may be surprised to find just how close you are to Berlin, Ohio, where all this awaits.