For Donna Marie Golden, innkeeper of Donna’s Premier Lodging in Ohio’s beautiful Amish Country, those staying with her are much more than simply customers. They are, truly, Donna’s personal guests.“I love my guests!” exclaims Donna. “I get up in the morning eager to get to work to greet my new guests for the day.”

Donna’s passion for her life’s work is obvious in many ways, down to the most minute details of the rooms, suites, cedar cabins, original log cabin, cottages, chalets, villas, or stunning Romancing the Stone accommodations. She strives to create lavish environments for the ultimate comfort and enjoyment for each and every guest. Even Donna’s delectable and generous breakfasts, served in a lovely breakfast nook, are absolutely perfect.Ever since Donna opened her original Bed and Breakfast destination, the Country Heart Room, in 1991, she has been on a quest to constantly seek out the very best. As each unique new accommodation was created, word of the exceptional hospitality of Donna and her highly qualified staff spread. Couples have continued to flock to Donna’s Premier Lodging for honeymoons, anniversaries, and to celebrate other momentous milestones in their lives. Couples and singles alike have enjoyed the extravagance of uninterrupted hours in front of crackling fireplaces or immersed in bubbling Jacuzzis.

Donna is also known for the numerous ingenious ways she finds to fan the flames of romance, whether it be something as quietly simple as a beautifully arranged bouquet of lovely roses or a cozy breakfast in bed, or as breathtaking as an old fashioned, romantic sleigh ride across the winter snows.

“My goal is to provide a wonderful getaway for couples to reunite, to re-flame their love,” says Donna Marie, her voice ringing with sincerity. “Everyday life can have a toll on relationships, and investing in your relationship can be the best investment a couple can make.”

“I never dreamed that owning a B&B would be such a rewarding journey in life,” Donna continues, her eyes sparkling with delight. “I wish all much success in your relationships with people in all walks of life. If you have never experienced Donna’s, I hope to see you someday. And to all of you who are long time ‘friends’ of Donna’s, thank you for being such a blessing to my staff and I.”

Come to Donna’s Premier Lodging, and allow Donna Marie and her staff to extend their warmest welcome and pamper you with an unforgettable experience you will want to return to again and again.

“I feel like I become a part of my guests’ lives for a brief interval, and they become a part of mine.”

I look forward to seeing you soon,
Donna Marie Golden